Who We Are


Women today are faced with challenges and expectations that at time seem unrealistic. We are forced to make decisions of whether to work, whether to marry, who to marry, when to have kids, what to do when you do not have kids, what career to have, how to look, how much money to make, who to socialize with, etc, etc. The list is endless and it is exhausting!

We are here to tell you that we are all made with a purpose and thankfully that doesn’t include being perfect. On the way to finding our purpose in life we will fail and we will make mistakes and believe it or not those mistakes are only opportunities to either become bitter or to become better. By sharing our stories and by encouraging one another we hope to help one another through the difficult moments. We hope to encourage you to be strong and hold close to the values that will lead you to overcome each obstacle that will define your character. By embracing your struggles, you will become the woman who you were destined to be. We as women, are the Journals of Hope.


What do you think?

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