I truly believe a woman of noble character is one who is rooted deeply like a tree in the storm but also a woman who is as gentle as a breeze after the store has passed. There are plenty of unfortunate things that have happened in my life that I can choose to be upset about. I can choose to be angry that my family passed at an early age, I can choose to be bitter that my husband has a family that will never meet me, I can choose to scream in anguish that I may never have children if we do not agree to go through ivf. There are so many things that I could use to divide myself from society and use to push others away. I choose to not let the things of my past influence the woman that I am today or rid me of the dreams that I have tomorrow. I choose to believe in the best because I have seen some of the worst. I choose love for myself and most importantly love for others. There are plenty of women who believe these same things and like a ripple effect I want to be a woman to share this hope and share the inspiration that we can overcome the obstacles in life and become better. Our attitude reflects our aptitude and in turn defines the growth within us all. I hope that in my weakest and darkest moments that as a whole you might all encourage me also. With this journey I hope to share the best, the worst, and overcome together.

All my love,