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I spoke with a friend the other day in regards to the difficulties of trying to find a balance between relationships, work, family, friends, functions, and time to refocus and relax. I try to pride myself on doing fairly well at this but lately I feel that either I am focused in one area and lacking in the other or I am feeling completely defeated and not wanting to attempt to put focus on any of my priorities. I’d like to think my marriage comes first because all of the decisions I make are based on how my actions might affect my partner. Then, I think of work and the things that I need to take care of to maintain the daily tasks that I juggle day to day. I feel like besides that I am either too tired or too unavailable to maintain my other responsibilities in a timely manner. I know that I haven’t been as happy as I usually have because I haven’t been communicating with God lately either. One of the things I am going to miss after the move this weekend are those moments in the morning that I drive to work and get some time to pray and think of all of the choices I have made. Once I am at work, it is back to the busy schedules of the day and once I am home.. I am a vegetable on the couch with no care in the world to do anything. What are some of the ways that you prioritize your responsibilities? Share with me so that I might have a better understanding of how to itemized the necessities and figure out which weights to let go of..