When I was seven years old, I had witnessed my mother being beaten over a dozen times by her boyfriend. I spent countless nights crying from the horrific memories of knowing my mother was a victim of something she was afraid to escape. In public, we pretended as if everything at home was great. As time progressed, the beatings and misconception of a happy family continued. As a result, I learned to keep my feelings and emotions boggled up. It became natural for me to paint a pretty picture even when I was dying inside. I was unaware of the damage it caused, but ultimately, I lost my ability to be vulnerable.

One of the biggest fears I had about being vulnerable was the possibility of being rejected once I revealed my authentic self. As a result, I wore an armor suite over my feelings and emotions. I tried to fit in with people that I felt were “normal” in order to disguise who I truly was inside. This resulted in broken relationships and friendships.

During last year, I experienced a very bad breakup. It was then when I learned how important it was to love who I was and the experiences God blessed me to endure and conquer. I began to explore my truth and most of all, my vulnerability. For the first time, I began to love all of myself. Truth is, we all need to experience the greatness of being vulnerable. Vulnerability allows you to experience the true connection and true love for yourself. You’ll be able to attract people to you who are, inspired by your openness.

I’ll admit that it’s not easy to be vulnerable. However, it’s a journey that everyone should embark upon in order to experience the gift of life. You’d be surprised at how loving all of yourself and sharing it with another can help you connect with anyone!
Dare to try!

Your Friend & Sister,