The other day I had a dream about a long time friend who struggles with substance abuse and in this dream I was with her in a disturbing place surrounded by indecent things and she was dying from AIDS. It was such a vivid and emotional dream that I have not been able to remove those images from my mind. In all honesty, I have not spoken with this friend in years. Our last conversation involved an ultimatum where I told her she either gets clean or she doesn’t come to me till she is ready to change her life. When you are faced with the choice of deciding to have someone be a part of your life or refusing to allow them in due to the wrong choices that they are making.. how do you make the right choice? Do I take the chance of never seeing her again until she has passed or do I take the moments for what they are and allow her into my life so that I do not have regrets later in life? I need advice ladies..