This week has been very eventful to say the least. I have come to the conclusion that I HAVE to make some decisions that will change my life. Some of you know that we have been dealing with infertility in my marriage and IVF is our only choice. My husband has not been on board so of course I am unable to move forward in that direction. I have decided to not sit and sulk and actually do something for me this time. Before being married I had become foster care certified and since being married I have not acted on the chance to change someone’s life. I have decided to redo my certification and proceed with parenting. I know that if I do not make this change I may be forever waiting for my husband to change his mind or I may miss the opportunity of fostering and eventually adopting someone who may be in need. I will keep you posted on this journey and I hope you all will understand the importance of this decision and support me!