A couple weekends ago something happened to me. In celebration of Halloween I drank a little too much and thought I had alcohol poisoning. I went into my roommates room for help, completely drunk without any control and pleaded for her to help me in any way she could. She told me to leave her room at first and did not take me seriously. In my head I could still comprehend what was going, I thought “this girl is telling me to leave her room. I have to beg her for help. This is not right.” She eventually called help, and by the time help came i began feeling better. I told the paramedics that I did not need to go into the hospital because i was feeling better. They approved and I was able to go back into my room for the night. One of the officers wanted to talk to my roommate just to ask her to keep an eye on me. And so he did. She was not happy at all.

The next day I was in bed recovering and did not ever receive that check-up from her. You see in that split moment I woke my roommate up, I really thought I had alcohol poisoning. The fact that I had to plead with all my might for her help was a real eye opener. This event really taught me to reevaluate the friends and people in my life. Not only is this a lesson learned about who to trust, but it is also a lesson learned that life is no joke, and when one is confronted with the feeling of being close to death, in any way, it opens your eyes and shows you how to really prioritize things.