Some things have developed recently that are forcing me to look at the truths of the choices that I have made and how they have affected me in more ways than I can probably imagine. In May 2011, I married the man that I have loved for the last seven years. I didn’t realize then that the time we had been separated had changed us both and unfortunately I hadn’t realized the lifestyle changes that my husband had made. Sitting here now with questions racing through my mind of did I make a mistake, how did I not see this, and what will become of me now? At one point in my life I had reached my lowest, I questioned my existence, and its taken a lot to learn to love myself again. I never want to be in that place again. I am faced to ask myself where do I go from here now that he has chosen to leave our marriage? I feel almost frozen and unable to move because I know once i move I can never come back. I wasn’t ready to give up on my marriage and I feel forced to have to. Please pray for me as I move forward because I do not know where this path leads and I feel as if I have to walk this next journey incomplete.