The new year is approaching. Are you ready to revamp your life for better or for worse.

During the summer, I stop communicating with a childhood friend due her constant desire for negativity and gossip. Sadly, she would belittle people that I femmes successful. She would talk about their past, their skeletons in their closets, right down to the shoes they were wearing. When it was known that I wasn’t conversing with her anymore, many felt as if I wasn’t accepting her for who she was. Many believed that I wanted her to be the way I would have perceived her to be. But that wasn’t right at all! I wanted her to have confidence in herself to focus only on herself, and not the people that were caught in her gossip.
At my job, I am one of the most unlikable employees next to Hitler! For a while it made me hate what I did for a living. It made me feel bad about myself and question why God made me so different. Even when I hear bad news from other people, I struggle with finding the words to say, when all i want to really say is, “i’ll pray for you”. The times that I opt for this response, I was referred to as a “inconsiderate know-it-all”. Although it made me upset and livid, all I could do was cry and keep it moving!
Now that I have a better understanding about life, I can better asses myself. Is the journey over? Of course not, but it feels good to know where I’m going.
Ladies, I’ve found out that we all have a purpose in this world! God wants us to be his army of positive people. If you find yourself in a tight situation as I did, make a change. Ask God to guide your footsteps to the right path. Remember that negative people, negative comments, or behaviors, all belongs under the bottoms of your shoes with the devil! Walk all on it and flip it into something positive! Make 2013 the year of change and progress.