There are things in this life that will happen which make you feel as if the bones in your back are slowly breaking, the air is thinning, and that the pain that you feel in your chest will literally cause your heart to break. I felt that pain after being diagnosed with infertility, after surgery, and recently when my husband revealed that he no longer wanted to be married. There are emotions that I feel that leave me so raw that if someone were to touch me, I would burn on fire and break into pieces. And yet through all of the heartache, when my loved ones take moments from their day to just tell me how much I am loved I truly realize how blessed I am and how these obstacles will not hold me down. I will not be defeated, I will not be taken for granted. It has been so inspiring to be a part of this website and I truly hope that in the future it grows so that women who may be feeling the same can have one place to go to feel loved and appreciated. Life is not easy, it is not perfect, but it is filled with love and as long as I am able to give and receive love, I will never give up on me.