As I prepare to search for a new home, leaving behind a failed marriage.. I wonder what the future holds. Will I succeed? Am I making the right choice? What if I struggle more than I anticipate? There are so many questions swarming my mind that I literally have to take a deep breath and remind myself that where I am going is no where compared to where I have come from. There is nothing more frightening then reliving this over and over again. I am infertile, fine. What can I do with that? I can turn that pain into a message by moving on, whether I am alone or not, fostering and one day adopting. I have a failed marriage, ok. Not what I imagined, but I so circled with love that at this point in my life the people in my corner are definitely there for a reason. I am afraid to struggle, there are so many women who stay in relationships that are not healthy or they are co-dependent and they always regret it. I don’t want to live with regrets. I don’t want to wake up another day not being loved or appreciated. Yes, I may have to budget myself and live with the bare minimum, but I love mac n cheese and if anyone can hunt a bargain, I can. There is nothing ahead of me to be afraid of and there is nothing behind me that I need to dwell on. If I look to each side I have my faith, my family, my friend, and my strength to put one foot in front of each other and move on. I have changes for the New Year, keep me in your prayers and may you all be blessed and know that you are not alone!il_570xN.273052001[6]