I was discussing with a friend, a family member how I try to see the best in people but also that at times I can push people away when I feel that they are getting too close. Maybe it is a defense? I know that it is something I need to work on and that I have to change and let the walls down. Once I have opened my heart to love and care for someone there is no need to rebuild the wall that I use to keep people out. If you have been hurt, if you have loved and lost, if you are afraid.. just remember that love never fails and even if it is not returned, it is never in vain. It shows that we are human, that we are capable of something more powerful than ourselves, and that we are real. To never love at all for the fear of pain is the greatest loss. As I continue my walk into the future alone, I will never regret the love that I have given. And I will not allow failed relationships keep me from receiving compassion from others. Live for the moment, love for always!