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I think that there are fundamental similarities found in all of us. And one may ask So What? I reply that knowing our similarities and embracing our humanity, is in itself the best part of being human, and I believe that there are things we all share in common. Although I can’t pinpoint all of these things I can at least identify some…

  1. We all will fall in love at least once.
  2. We all will lose a loved one.
  3. We all will have to support ourselves or will have someone supporting us. Nevertheless, income matters.
  4. We all will have to make at least one last-minute decision that will affect the rest of our lives.
  5. We all ponder our past, present, and future to try to put the pieces together. We do this with our own lives and the lives of others.
  6. We all look at who our primary care-givers were as guidance of what we will or will not be like as we get older.
  7. We all hold our love in when we sense someone could possibly hurt us.
  8. And just to state the obvious, we all go to sleep and we all wake up in the mornings.

I think it is important for us not to forget what we have in common, since a lot of the times it is our “differences” that stick out the most.