For years, I’ve craved genuine love from my mother. I cast away the past, forgetting abuse, neglect, and abandonment,fully forgiving her..Sadly, it was never enough.
My mother gave birth to me she. She was fifteen years old. She’s told me constantly that if the doctor would’ve had sympathy for her and took the money, I would’ve been aborted. Needless to say, it hurts to hear her recant this story, not only to me, but my friends. It use to make me feel worthless and unwanted, but as time grew, I ignored it.
Today, I built enough courage to tell her how she’s made me feel, how she’s made me hate my own life because of me thinking I wasn’t good. “Well, that’s your fault!” “What makes you think you deserve special treatment, I didn’t get it when I was growing up!”
Although it hit me like a Ton of rocks, I could see the silver lining. The love I’ve been looking for is a love that she can’t even give to herself; it’s non-existent. To all my sisters who have great relationship with their mothers, CHERISH IT!