Real Women With Real Stories

Meet Caroline

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to get to know us three women who have found the inspiration to put together this website. I want to share my stories with you because I believe that the naked truth, which we all hold inside, is what can bring us closer together. I don’t know about you but I think that there needs to be a website out there just for women to connect on a non-superficial level. The popular sites of today (facebook, twitter, instagram, etc…) are great social networking sites that connect us, but are they really bringing us closer together? With this question in mind, Jasmine, Melony, and myself have put together this site to unite real women with real stories.  We appreciate those of you who have submitted a story, you have shared a little piece of yourself and it is because of you that this website exists.                                                                                             

❤ Caroline 

Meet Jasmine

Over the years, women have forgotten about the role that women played in order to establish the growth of womanhood throuhhout the world. We’ve allowed reality shows to downgrade women and  further transform our depiction into something that it doesn’t have to be. In all ladies, we’re more separate than we’ve ever been.
    With that being said, allow me to introduce myself, my name is JasmineB. I was born in the south with no siblings and dozens of cousins. In my spare time, I’m glued to the television with the RHONJ, reading, and dancing.
  With my postings, my intention is to share my life experiences in hopes that it will inspire and re-create the meaning of womanhood. I believe there’s a special bond that all women secretly share and I believe that our strength and courage will prevail.


Meet Melony

We are women, hear us roar. My best friend Alesha told me she heard that from her mother when she was younger and that line has been drifting in my mind since the first thought of beginning this blog. With that statement I can imagine a woman in all of her beauty, grace, and her strength making a loud shaking noise from the pit of her stomach and staring bravely into the future with no fear of failure. I want to be that woman and I want you to be that woman. In my lifetime I have met amazing women, been influenced by strong women, and I have seen women in their most fragile stages in life being lifted up by the bonds they share with other women. It is such a blessing to know that someone cares enough to not only encourage, but to push us to move forward when we feel too weak on our own. My goal with this site is to encourage women, young and old, to see the potential inside of themselves, to help nurture their confidence, and to emphasize that we all have a purpose. I hope by sharing my life stories that I will help other women who may be facing some of the same obstacles in life.

                              In Truth & All My Love,



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